Wildlife officer frees tangled osprey, gets bit

Wildlife officer frees tangled osprey, gets bit
Courtesy: Washington Fish and Wildlife

A Washington Fish and Wildlife officer came to the rescue of an osprey tangled in bailing twine Tuesday morning.

The department says it received a tip about an osprey tangled up with baling twine on the Eastern State Hospital grounds in Medical Lake.

The tipster said the bird was only able to fly a short distance because of the twine around its talons and that it may be dragging something dead.

Fish and Wildlife says when the Officer arrived he ended up chasing the Osprey around the state hospital grounds, playing the cat and mouse game for about 45 minutes, before he was finally able to capture the semi-restricted bird.

Once caught, the officer observed that the wad of baling twine was wrapped tightly around one talon, to the point that it had cut off circulation. The other talon was gripping the baling twine with all of it’s toes.

Once safely contained the officer cut the twine off of the bird’s talons and no further injury was observed negating the need to be taken to a rehab facility.Wildlife officer frees tangled osprey, gets bit

While releasing the Osprey, to show its gratitude, the bird bit the officer on his left forearm, but did not break the skin.