Wildfire Season 2018: 4-step evacuation checklist

Wildfire Season 2018: 4-step evacuation checklist

An assessment performed by CoreLogic found that about half of the homes in the Spokane metro area are at some level of wildland fire risk.

Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer spoke with KXLY about those findings in February, as the department started to prepare for a fire season ahead. (Read that story here. )

Those fires have arrived, in both the Inland Northwest and around United States. A fire that began late Tuesday night scorched just over 1,600 acres near Vantage, Washington, and forced residents and campers in the area to evacuate overnight.

Fires in California have claimed at least one life, and destroyed tens of thousands of acres of land.

Cal Fire offers this checklist for homeowners and residents who may be in the line of a wildfire and forced to flee their homes. You can find that list here.

Spokane based Farmer’s Insurance agent Rod Russell also offers some tips for homeowners in a wildfire situations.

He told KXLY that he suggests checking in with your agent once a year to make sure your policy is enough to cover possible wildfire damages, and advises that rising reconstruction costs can impact rates.

Russell also said it’s critical to be sure your coverage is set before fire season. He says companies often place ‘moratoriums’ on zip codes impacted by a major fire- meaning trying to get coverage during or immediately after a fire won’t be a possibility.