Why Spokane Police believe a father’s overdose death wasn’t accidental

lines of cocaine

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police are investigating a 21-year-old father’s apparent overdose. 

Nathaniel Burn’s body was found by his roommate last November in the Spokane apartment they shared.

When police and paramedics arrived at the apartment, they found Burns foaming at the mouth. 

They said he had been dead for several hours before his roommate found him. 

According to a search warrant filed on Friday, police found a small amount of a white powder substance and a white chunky substance on the nightstand and in a dresser drawer. 

Detectives say it appeared to be either cocaine or Fentanyl- a drug so dangerous, it takes just a small amount to kill a person. 

Given the circumstances, officers skipped field testing and sent the white substance straight to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab. They’re still waiting for results. 

Police questioned Burn’s roommate, who said the 21-year-old had a history of using cocaine and prescription drugs. He also told police that Burns had two drug dealers- one of which sent a text the night of the death, saying he was worried about Burns and wanted to make sure he was okay.  

That dealer denied selling Burns any drugs recently but claimed to know “who did.” 

According to a GoFundMe page, Burns loved his young daughter more than anything in the world. 

So far police have not named any suspects. 

Controlled substance homicide is considered a Class B felony. A person convicted could spend up to 10 years in prison.