Why it might be days before we learn the results midterm elections in Spokane County

While your ballot must be postmarked or dropped in a ballot box today, it will be a few days until we know any real results from the races voted on.

That’s the reality in vote by mail states, and for Washington, its even longer because ballots are counted that are postmarked on Election Day.

Maybe 50% of ballots will be tabulated by tonight, those that were sent in early. KXLY 4 News watched yesterday as they were put in to the machine to be counted, starting at 8pm tonight.

Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton said making conclusions tonight about who won would be premature and possibly inaccurate based on trends of the last two decades.

She explained, “in Washington state what we’ve seen is Democrat voters tend to get their ballots in early. Republican voters tend to wait till Monday or Tuesday of election week. So what that means is Republican votes tend to pick up, as we continue to process and count ballots.”

Friday is the first day we will start to see results that represent all the voters, but it might not be till Monday, when they get substantial totals.

Twenty to forty election workers worked this past weekend, and will work this weekend to sort ballots, check signatures, properly open envelopes, inspect ballots and get them tabulated. Today, they’ll have double the staff to help with collecting ballot drop boxes.

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