Whooping Cough In Grant County

The Grant County Health Office is downgrading its Whooping Cough/Pertussis Outbreak, but people are still falling sick with whooping cough.In Grant County last year, 29 cases were reported.  It saw 57 cases during the 16 months of the outbreak.  The numbers are huge considering Grant County saw between just 1 and 4 cases a year before 2010, an increase of 40%.Grant County reminds people to get vaccinated against Pertussis.  It has the following reminders for people to protect themselves.

Grant County Health Office – Pertussis is a vaccine preventable illness. Children should get 5 DTaP vaccinations between 2 months old and when they start school.Because immunity from the Pertussis vaccine or disease wears off, child care providers, family members and caregivers of babies should make sure they are up-to-date with their Pertussis vaccinations. This includes formal child care settings, preschools, church nurseries and friends and family members babysitting.To protect their babies, mothers and fathers should get the Tdap booster before, during or immediately after delivery.All health care workers, school staff, and child care providers should be fully immunized for Pertussis.The Tdap booster shot is available and recommended for people 11 years and older, but should be given to those as young as 7 years old who have not been properly vaccinated in the past.Tdap vaccine is required for 6th grade school entry. For more information please visit www.granthealth.org/pertussis.html

Information via Grant County Health Office