‘Whoever is responsible is still out there somewhere’: Longtime Latah Co. prosecutor weighs in on U of I student murders

MOSCOW, Idaho – Last week marked Bill Thompson’s 30th year as Latah County prosecutor. He said he’s never seen a case like the one now in front of him.

Last Sunday, a Moscow Police officer responded to a call of an unresponsive person. Inside the home on King Road, he found four college students, stabbed to death in a gruesome crime scene.

Now, investigators from several agencies are racing against the clock to find the killer.

“Moscow Police and state police and the FBI have brought in probably more resources than I’ve ever seen in my 30 years in Latah County,” Thompson said. “I’m just hoping they find answers soon.”

Thompson wouldn’t reveal details that could compromise the investigation, but spoke in general about the types of search warrants investigators would request in a case like this.

In addition to searching the crime scene, Thompson said it would be standard to request things like phone and email records.

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When asked about the early report from Moscow Police that said it was a targeted attack and there was no threat to the public, Thompson said he believed investigators were going on the information they had at the time and that they can’t dwell on that statement now that they don’t have any suspects five days later.

“We don’t know why it happened and whoever is responsible is still out there,” Thompson said.

A key part of the investigation is determining a timeline of where the victims were before they were killed and what happened in the hours between the murder and when someone called 911.

Moscow Police released a new timeline Friday with times and locations, but did not immediately offer further context as to how they knew that all four victims were home at 1:45 am.

“Everything that occurred leading up to the time of death, and then from the time of death until officers were notified or until the report was made is crucial information,” Thompson said.

He did say he hasn’t spoken to the two roommates who were there that early morning but were not hurt, but said he understands they’re cooperating fully with police.

Thompson admitted to a reporter from ABC News that this case is emotional; he also said it will get harder in the days to come and have a lasting impact on this community.

“We will never forget what happened, but Moscow is a good, resilient town,” Thompson said. “I have faith our community will return to something normal. But it will always be a part of our history.”

Moscow Police ask anyone with information to call the Tip Line at 208-883-7180 or email tipline@ci.moscow.id.us.