Who voted for whom? A breakdown of Spokane’s mayoral race

Though more votes were counted on Wednesday, the race for mayor stays the same.

Nadine Woodward tops Ben Stuckart with 52% of the vote.

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Spokane’s race for mayor has been centered around homelessness and public safety downtown. But when it came to choosing a mayor, the winner didn’t recieve much support in the downtown area.

So how, exactly, did we get here?

The precinct map shows, much like the pirmary election, Woodward dominated Hillyard and the Indian Trail area.

Stuckart, on the other hand, grabbed the South Hill and downtown area. Still, Woodward came out almost 2,000 votes ahead.

It’s something that has one Spokane resident particularly upset.

“I was literally physically ill,” said Sacha Frenger. “I am seriously considering selling my house and moving out of this town because I don’t want to live in a town where a mayor doesn’t look out for their people.”

Frenger says it’s the lack of experience that raises her concern for Woodward as mayor.

When it comes to experience, Woodward says her lack of it didn’t matter in the end.

“They trusted me,” said Woodward. “I mean, I’ve been immersed in Spokane issues for 28 years and in a postion of public trust. That was far more important to them than experience.”