Whitworth prepares for long stay at NCAA’s

Pirates Fall To #1 Pointers

After winning the Northwest Conference title on the final day of the regular season, the Whitworth baseball team opens NCAA Tournament play on Wednesday in McMinnville, Oregon. The Bucs have waited two decades for this opportunity, and they expect to be around for a while to enjoy it.

The NCAA’s haven’t started yet, but Whitworth has been playing what’s felt like post-season baseball for so long, playoff beards are coming in nicely.

“I had to trim it twice, had to trim it, groom it up for graduation and stuff, but it filled in alright,” Pirates senior outfielder Ryan Beecroft says.

17 days between games will do that for you. And like the beards, the Bucs say they’ve used the time to grow as a team.

“We’ve done a great job preparing ourselves and we look at that 2 weeks as 2 extra weeks to practice and get better,” head coach Dan Ramsay says.

They will try to prove that on Wednesday when Whitworth plays an unfamiliar La Verne team that won it’s conference title in California.

Whitworth prepares for long stay at NCAA’s

“They are kind of a small ball team, they like to execute, but really what it comes down to is I’m not really worried about statistics because once we get on the field and stand toe to toe with each other, we’ll see who the better team is,” Ramsay claims.

Senior C.J. Perry adds, “With the team dynamic that we have, we know that we can pretty much compete with anybody, so we’re not really worried about that right now.”

The Bucs also say they aren’t worried about being complacent. They aren’t content with simply making their first ever NCAA’s.

“Ramsay started off the season speech with we want 3 dog piles, and we got one. We’re out hunting for another one this week, and then we want another one after that, so in our minds, we’re not done,” Beecroft says.

Imagine how long the playoff beards will get if he’s right.

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