‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’: Spokane mom starts homeschooling for the first time

SPOKANE, Wash. — While many Spokane parents get ready to send their kindergarteners back to school, others have decided to stick with homeschooling. This is the case for one mother who said it’s the best option for her family.

Dallas Jones said a month after schools closed, she decided her kids would be homeschooled next year.

“We had a whole month where it was just complete chaos,” Jones said. “There’s no way I want to have to go through having them in school and maybe it being shut down every other day for extra sanitation.”

She has three children: River, Summer and Piper. River is a third grader and Summer is in kindergarten. Jones is doing Pre-K for Piper.

Jones said when she made the decision, she unenrolled her son from Adams Elementary, sent a letter of intent to homeschool and got the ball rolling.

She started homeschooling this month. Jones has been working through some small bumps in the road.

“Reading takes a lot of concentration for a 6-year-old,” she said. “So then if I have this little one or the older one asking questions at the same time we’re just trying to work through those kinks.”

Otherwise, she said things have been pretty smooth.

“We’ve been able to create our own experiments and adventures,” Jones explained. “We hit the main subjects each day of math, reading and writing.”

Jones said one of the best parts about homeschooling is going at your own pace and catering your child’s learning to a specific curriculum. For her son, she said he’s a self-starter. With his style of learning, she said she was able to choose what works best for him.

“He reads just a ton so we’re getting all of the main subjects in there in different ways,” Jones said.

On top of that, Jones said they can learn anywhere whether that’s outside or with another family.

In terms of meeting state requirements, Jones said after 8-years-old, they must take a yearly state approved standardized achievement test or assessment to make sure they’re on the right track.

Jones said she’s happy with her decision and said if she can do it, anybody can.

“I think that where there’s a will there’s a way,” Jones said.

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