Where Are All The Pinwheels?

Where Are All The Pinwheels?
Where Are All The Pinwheels?

April is “Our Kids, Our Business” month in the Inland Northwest, right? So where are all the pinwheels? 

The symbol of the month-long campaign has always been the pinwheel.  Up until this year thousands of pinwheels were planted all around Spokane in April, to draw attention to “Our Kids, Our Business.”

If you drive past Providence Sacred Heart Hospital you might have noticed that there are no pinwheels this year.

Last year, 2,500 plastic pinwheels were planted in the grass on the west side of the hospital.  Each pinwheel represented a birth at Sacred Heart in 2009. 

This year, the hospital says it has not planted the plastic pinwheels because of environmental concerns.  Hospital spokeswoman Jill Grobe says the pinwheels made a mess when they blew around in the wind.  Also, the hospital threw them out every year beause they were bent or dirty and then had to turn around and buy more the next year. 

Instead of the pinwheels, the hospital has put up a giant banner on The Woman’s Health Center building.  Grobe says it will be reused year after year. 

“Our Kids, Our Business” is a campaign that draws attention to child abuse prevention.  It’s a call to action for the community to make our children our number one priority.