What’s on the menu? Dining spots keep it local for Inlander Restaurant Week

SPOKANE, Wash. — More than 100 restaurants in Spokane and North Idaho are showing off their culinary style with a specialty menu for Inlander Restaurant Week.

Part of the reason why Restaurant Week was started was to help boost the local economy and restaurants during a slower time of year.

The event has helped bring attention to local farmers and businesses.

Take the North Hill on Garland, for example. If you look around their kitchen, you won’t see many big company brands.

That’s because most ingredients are from around the Inland Northwest.

“I think it’s great to be local,” said Head Chef Kadra Evans. “The seasons change so much here, it’s a way to know what’s available during that season.”

The restaurant uses local produce: Greenbluff apples, Spiceology flavors, and Booey’s Hot Sauce.

It’s exciting for Kenji Linane-Booey to see his dad’s hot sauce at North Hill on Garland and at other restaurants in town.

“It’s been fun getting to meet more community members as we’ve been going about it,” said Linane-Booey. “The food community in Spokane is just awesome, so it’s been really fun to be part of that as a family.”

A focus on family is what a co-owner of North Hill on Garland strives for.

“Support the community, bring it together. We like to think of ourselves as family. My partners and I, we’re local boys. We were raised here, so we just want, it’s about bringing everybody together,” said Taylor Predisik, co-owner of North Hill on Garland.

And nothing brings people together quite like food.

There are several benefits when food is local. Sourcing from nearby can reduce fossil fuels. Less travel means there could be fewer contaminants in it, as well.

“People want to support local and we have the opportunity and we have so much around us to be able to do that, so I don’t understand why you wouldn’t,” Evans said.

If you head to a dining spot for Restaurant Week, make sure to post a picture to social media and include #IRWRaveReviews on your post. For each post, Sysco will donate five meals to Second Harvest.

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