What you should know to start your Wednesday

What you should know to start your Wednesday
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Welcome to the morning after the storm! Lightning lit up the sky for nearly an hour in the Spokane region last night, in an intense summer storm that also brought loud thunder, strong winds and rain that still hasn’t stopped in many areas.

It was a busy night for first responders as the storm downed several trees and sparked a few fires. This morning, more than 7,000 are still without power.

Check out some of the best storm photos we’ve compiled HERE.

Here’s what else you should know this morning:

It’s Mueller day.

Today is the day former Special Counsel Robert Mueller will give his long-awaited testimony on Capitol Hill. Mueller is a reluctant witness. He tried to avoid testifying, claiming his testimony would not go beyond what has already been written in his nearly 450-page report. Still, democratic lawmakers persisted, issuing a subpoena and forcing Mueller to appear. He’s expected to be sworn in around 5:15 a.m. Spokane time. We’ll stream the full live testimony HERE.

No more campfires, for now

A county-wide burn ban takes effect today. That means no open burning or campfires are allowed until further notice, unless they’re in an approved device which has a chimney. We have everything you need to know, including the penalty for not following the burn ban, HERE.