‘What kind of world are we living in?’: Local family devastated after pets were killed at a kennel

SPOKANE, Wash. — A local family is devastated after their dogs were killed at a local kennel, a place they should have been safe.

They dropped off their dogs at All Star Animal Care in Spokane Valley and picked them up in a box. Christina and her family were about to leave for vacation last weekend when they learned there had been an attack at the kennel, and both their dogs were dead.

“My brother just knew something was wrong,” Christina said about when they received the call from the kennel. Her brother is a veteran and has PTSD. Their Yorkie-Pomeranian mixes helped him cope with the trauma.

Now, the whole family is dealing with trauma as they live through a nightmare.

“I don’t know how to keep the family together,” Christina said. “Oh god — it’s been really hard.”

They found Bentley and Thor in a box, mauled by a larger dog staying at the same facility. Finding her best friends in that box is a sight Christina will never forget.

“When I pulled Bentley out, he was so bad. He had open wounds,” she cried. “You could see the tissue and the bone, and his ribs were broken and protruding out.”

Morgan Hann owns All Star Animal Care where the incident happened.

“I had a lead with me, and I just I couldn’t get my hands on the dog,” Hann said. “I didn’t know what to do.”

She says a pitbull mix broke through the fence, and she couldn’t stop it.

“I think he thought that they were like toys,” she cried. “He didn’t have the mental capability or understanding that what he was doing was wrong.”

Christina says these kinds of incidents should never happen at places that should have superior security.

“This should be a risk that’s prevented on all fronts,” Christina exclaimed.

Today, only Hann’s grooming business is open as SCRAPS investigates.

The kennel is still closed, and Hann says she won’t open it again until more safety measures are in place.

“We’re going to put double reinforced chain-link fencing between the enclosures,” the owner added. “We’re going to do six-foot high instead of four-foot high.”

The new safety measures won’t help Christina and her family heal from the loss.

“What kind of world are we living in that allows this?” Christina asked. “It’s horrible.”

They’re sharing their story in hopes kennel safety standards will improve and no other families have to feel this pain.