What is the metaverse, and how can it help local businesses?

SPOKANE, Wash. — If you use Facebook, you may have heard of the “metaverse.” But what is it?

Most see the metaverse as a gaming-focused virtual reality realm, but others see it as a business opportunity.

One of Meta’s goals is to lead a new precedent in online shopping in virtual reality. Spokane businesses can use the metaverse to reach a new type of audience, possibly on a global scale. Imagine Facebook marketplace, but in a 3D digital grocery store that anyone can visit. That’s what the metaverse hopes to achieve in the near future.

The metaverse could bring a big shift in the digital economy, allowing advertisers to create insights into their goods and services as users shop, shifting the way people will shop and buy in the future.

Small businesses especially have an option to thrive in this new market. Meta wants to push the digital realm onto new entrepreneurs to show how online shopping and advertising within the metaverse can bring in new customers. Even businesses in the Inland Northwest have the opportunity to push their products onto these digital shelves to people across the world.

With the metaverse looking to be an Amazon competitor but in VR, local businesses should look to shift in this new way to advertise.

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