What is school going to look like for SPS students? The school district has videos to show you

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Public Schools is looking to make the transition back to school a little smoother. They’re aiming to do this by showing families what a typical school day will look like starting Sept. 14.

Families know it’ll be at home, but how will it work? SPS released step-by-step videos based on your child’s grade level. One video is for kindergarten to second grade students and third to sixth. The other two are separated by middle and high school students.

SPS said the school day will start at 8:30 a.m. for all students using Microsoft Teams. 20 minutes later, the first lesson will start. For students in kindergarten to sixth grade, the lesson could range from math to reading. Younger students may also start a different class for music, art, science or physical education.

Middle and high school students will go to first, second and third period classes every Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesday and Thursday, they’ll attend fourth, fifth and sixth periods. These classes will last an hour.

On Friday, they’ll go to each period, but classes will be a half hour.

Breaks will be given in between periods and lessons.

At 11:50, all students will get an hour lunch. The school district said it will give students time for independent work or to help their younger siblings with their distance learning. Additionally, SPS said the hour will give students time to go to their school for their grab-n-go meal kits.

At 12:50, class will start back up. More lessons will be given for younger students. SPS said teachers may have your child work independently or on other programs.

Students in middle and high school will have an independent period to work on homework or to get ahead in other classes.

An hour later, students in all grade levels will have a personalized learning period. Your child may work alone, with the teacher or hop on another Teams meeting.

At 2:30, teachers have this block open to talk to students and parents. School is over by 3:00 p.m.

Starting on Sept. 8, SPS will host a conference week. It will allow families to learn about remote learning and ask any questions.

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