What does your Halloween costume reveal?

What does your Halloween costume reveal?

Halloween is that time of year when kids and kids at heart dress up and pretend to be someone or something else.

Certain costumes cause people to add sound effects. Ghosts shout “boo” and dogs bark “woof woof.” Other costumes may even cause mannerisms to change. A mummy may take the role seriously and begin to walk stiff with their arms out front.

Some will put a lot of creativity into their costume while others will throw something together at the last minute.

But whether your goal is to win best-dressed at your Halloween party, to steal the spotlight or just to get a few laughs, you can say a lot about yourself through your costume without even realizing it.

That’s because your costume choice subconsciously reveals a lot about your personality. Doubtful? Consider the following five costume categories for starters …

No. 5: Dressing up as other people

Dressing up celebrities are usually popular choices.

Throughout the years, dressing up as the president has also been popular. During the 1970s and the Watergate Scandal, it was President Nixon. In the 1990s, it was President Clinton during the whole Monica Lewinsky impeachment scandal. Don’t be surprised if you see the Obamas at a few parties this year.

And even dressing up as another occupation, such as doctors, also contributes to the phenomenon of dressing up as someone else.

So if you dress up as another person what is this really saying about you?

Well, if you reach for the mask or wig that will creatively turn you into another person, you are playing it safe. While the costume may get a few laughs, you really aren’t trying to get out of your comfort zone.

But what about a costume choice that skews a bit … younger?

No. 4: “Childish” costumes

A fairly easy costume to pull together is to dress like a baby or a little boy or girl.

Party revelers pull it off by grabbing a teddy bear, baby doll or a blanket and dressing in some pajamas. Some wear diapers, grab a pacifier and even a bonnet.

But before you revert back to the days of your childhood, you should know that you are really a kid at heart and may actually be refusing to grow up. Costumes such as Peter Pan and Fairy Princesses also would put you in the I-don’t-want-to-grow-up category.

Dressing as a superhero reveals that you have a childlike fantasy of wanting to make the world a better place. You may also want to be admired.

Are you going with something a bit more scary this year? Read on to see what it might say about you …

No. 3: Witches, vampires and ghosts

At just about any Halloween party, you can be assured of finding at least one witch in attendance.

Halloween witches vary vastly from the creative costume-wearers who go all-out, broom and all, to the soccer moms who simply don a witch hat to dish out Halloween candy.

Whether you are dressing as a witch, vampire or ghoul, you are just sticking with the tradition of Halloween when it comes to your costume.

But if you take the love for the holiday a bit far with make-up and blood and fake wounds and fake weapons to make it gory and scary, something else is being revealed that isn’t so lovey dovey.

If the costume is scary, you may have a darker side to your personality that you have repressed and want to get in touch with.

Up next, we look at something a bit more animalistic …

No. 2: Animal costumes

Cats, bunnies, dogs, lions, cows and tigers are often in the crowd at parties. Sometimes, they just involve a tail and ears. Other times, the party-goer has gotten fancy to replicate the animal.

Dressing up like an animal doesn’t necessarily mean that you are wild. And even if you meow like a cat, you haven’t lost your mind. Dressing up like an animal most likely means that you want to take on the characteristics of that animal.

Cats are independent creatures so wearing all black and grabbing a tail and some ears, likely means that you are independent. It could also mean that you want your freedom. The same can be said for tigers, who live and hunt alone.

Dressing as a dog may mean you are a protector and provide friendship and a lot of affection.

Animals are cute and cuddly and all, but what if you go for something a bit more sultry this year?

No. 1: Sexy costumes

It can be fun to be a sexy vixen during Halloween, and there’s no doubt a lot of women do it.

As a matter of fact, there is usually at least one woman at every party who seemingly has purchased her costume from the lingerie section of the department store or an adult store.

And if she didn’t shop at those locations, she has figured out how to make a cat or nurse extremely sexy because she’s revealing a lot of cleavage or the costume is tight. And we ask you, when exactly is the last time you saw a nurse who looked like that?

These days sexy costumes can range from bunnies to police officers and from school girls to lions.

Such costumes can indicate the costume-wearer is extremely comfortable with her sexuality. And if the woman in question is someone who usually doesn’t dress so provocatively?

Well, she is revealing a bit more than cleavage. She is likely revealing that she has a repressed sexual side.

But no matter what you choose to be on Halloween, it will be a lot of fun and show a bit of your personality.

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