What does Hollywood think about Gonzaga?

Thursday night, the Zags take on Florida state in the Sweet Sixteen in Los Angeles, and while it may be Zag-mania in the Inland Northwest, there are people who don’t know much about GU or Spokane in La-La land.

Fans: “Yeah pretty exciting I mean we’re here for our spring break so we’re just here, enjoying it, seeing the stars, taking pictures.

It’s spring break, we wanted to go somewhere warm. Yeah, we are covered in snow right now, so.

Keith: What stars are they looking for out here?

Fans: Donald Trump, Mohammad Ali, Donald Trump is in right now because people want to see, they don’t really want to ask about the Michael Jackson star.

We’ve got Shrek and Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and all sorts of Spiderman characters so it’s a lot of fun.

Keith: You guys are a whole bunch of like eight-year-olds.

Fans: Yeah pretty much, exactly.

Keith: What’s been your favorite costumed person you’ve seen so far?

Fans: There was a Thor down there that you could tell was just bought at a party store.

Keith: Can you tell me the most famous Gonzaga player of all time?

Fan: What I can recently remember, Adam Morrison was like the best, from what I can remember, from what I can remember.

Keith: What city would you say that Gonzaga is in?

Fan: Gonzaga, probably like Oklahoma or something.

Keith: Not bad! John Stockton is from Gonzaga

Fan: But that was like 30 years ago!

Keith: How far did you have Gonzaga going in your bracket?

Fans: I think pretty far, up there, I had them in the final four for one of mine.

Keith: Have you seen, it’s kind of far away but have you seen the Aaron Luna star?

Fan: Nah.

Keith: Do you know where we can find the Kris Crocker star?

Fan: The Kris Crocker?

Keith: Do you know where the Aaron Luna star is?

Fan: I don’t ..I don’t even know who that is.

Keith: Not a lot of people do, you know. If Michigan beats Gonzaga are you going to be pretty happy about that?

Fans: Yes…No no, we’re not going to be happy about that.

Keith: That’s the correct answer you know where we’re from! That’s the correct answer.”