What dad really wants for Father’s Day

What dad really wants for Father’s Day

As Father’s Day nears, it’s time to start shopping for dad. But before you pick out yet another tie, take a look at what your dad might really want this year.

Time to relax: Your dad works hard all week, and likely spends most of his free-time helping the kids with homework, hobbies and driving them around from place-to-place. On Father’s Day, give dad the day off. Give him some time to relax and let him choose how he wants to celebrate the day.

Spend time with family: With kids spending their days at school, at sports and doing homework all night, your dad might be craving some good old fashioned family time. On Father’s Day, give him just that. Clear everyone’s schedules to make time to spend the day with dad, doing whatever he chooses.

Watch the game: If your dad is a sports fan, he might be looking forward to watching a baseball game, or catching the final round of the U.S. Open. Make sure you keep dad’s wishes in mind as you’re planning your Father’s Day agenda.

Homemade cards: Don’t overthink your gift, as sometimes it’s the simple things that dads love most. Make your dad a homemade card, or write him a letter to wish him a happy Father’s Day.

Gift cards: Instead of guessing at what tools or golf accessory or other items your dad might want, let him pick it out himself. When in doubt, go with a gift card. Your dad will appreciate having the freedom to select his own gift.