What car accessories make good gifts?

What car accessories make good gifts?

Car accessories can make great holiday gifts. Take a look at some of the top auto accessories to give others this holiday season.

Car washing accessories: If the person on your gift list likes to spend time washing his or her car or cleaning the interior, giving him or her cleaning, washing and waxing accessories can make welcomed gifts.

Gift cards for car washes: If the person doesn’t like to spend the time washing his or her own car, giving the gift of pre-paid car washes can make a great gift.

Gift cards for oil changes: Oil changes are something we all need but don’t really like to pay for. Give the person on your list a gift card for pre-paid oil changes at the service center he or she regularly goes to.

GPS navigation system: Is your friend or loved one always getting lost? Consider getting him or her a GPS navigation system for their car.

Automatic starter: Especially for those living in extreme climates, an automatic starter can make a great gift. It will allow the car to get to a comfortable temperature before you get in.

Car stereo: If a friend or loved one really needs a new, updated stereo system in his or her car it can make a fun and special holiday gift.