What are Spokane Police using to quell large disturbances?

Downtown Spokane Protest
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SPOKANE, Wash – Spokane Police are preparing for another weekend of protests downtown. If last Sunday’s demonstrations were any indication, this could end with police using certain defense tactics to disperse the crowd. 4 News Now asked Spokane Police for a list of the measures they could use.

The items used are bought from a company called Defensive Technology. All pictures and descriptions below are from that company. If there is no link or picture, that’s because specifics on those items were not given.

Spokane Police Sgt. Terry Preuninger says all officers are trained in how to properly use them and what distance they can be deployed from. Sgt. Preuninger says the officers use them on themselves and each other in training.

The items that could be used by police include:

  • 40mm Exact Impact Sponge Round Standard Range: A “light-weight, high-speed projectile.” Uses smokeless powder as the propellant. Used for “crowd control, patrol and tactical applications.”Impact Round
  • 37mm Multiple Foam Baton Round: 8 in casing that contains foam projectiles and utilizes black powder as the propellant. “Most widely used as a pain compliance option where stand-off distances are limited.”Foam Baton
  • 37 mm Rubber Balls Round An 8 in casing that contains 42 60-caliber rubber balls. Uses black powder as a propellant. “Most widely used as a crowd management tool.” Maximum effective range of 50 feet.Rubber Balls
  • Launchable CS Spede-Heat: Disperses tear gas with a “high-volume, continuous burn” provided by a launchable grenade.

Spede Heat

  • Drag Stabilized 12-Gauge Bean Bag Round: Translucent 12-gauge shell loaded with a 40-gram tear shaped bag made from a cotton and ballistic material blend and filled with #9 shot. According to Defense-Technology.com, it has “secured its place as the Law Enforcement Communities’ number one choice for specaility impact munitions.” Has an effective range of 75 feet.

Bean Bag

  • Handheld and Launchable CS: Tear Gas. Has an approximate “burn time” of 20-30 seconds. Effects include burning sensation, heavy flow of tears, nasal irritation and burning sensation. Best treated by getting into an open space and facing the wind, if possible. The site says “major discomfort should disappear within 10 to 20 minutes.”
  • Handheld OC: Pepper Spray. Effects include burning sensation, inflaming of tissue around the eyes, burning on exposed skin. Best treated by moving into an open space an facing the wind if possible. “Most subjects will be well on their way to total recovery within 45 minutes.”
  • Handheld Smoke: Emits a very heavy white smoke

Sgt. Preuninger says other agencies have assisted in these crowd-control efforts and the department was given Stinger CS rubber ball grenades. Those deliver “four stimuli for psychological and physiological effects: rubber pellets, light, sound and CS.” Sgt. Preuninger says less than a dozen were used and only on “an assaultive crowd” after other methods were ineffective.

Police were given those grenades by the jail and the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office.