Wet start with some thunder this weekend – Matt

SPOKANE, Wash.– After a quiet few days rain is once again back in the forecast. Let’s pump the brakes here though for a second. It’s not going to be like last Saturday-Monday for most of us.

Rain and the occasional thunderstorm will slide in on Friday night, starting around 11 pm and getting more intense as we head into early Saturday morning. Expect the wettest part of the day to be from 4 to 8 a.m. around Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. Temperatures will drop only to the low 50s.

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Highs Saturday

Showers and storms become more hit-or-miss in the afternoon, but one area of the Inland Northwest is at risk for some flooding rains. A Flood Watch is in effect on Saturday for Okanogan and Ferry counties in Washington. Storms that develop here on Saturday afternoon won’t have much wind to push them around, so they could dump heavy rain over one spot for an extended time period. The 4 News Now Weather App can alert you to flood warnings when they’re issued, so you can take action.

Flood Watch Saturday

Temperatures will be about 10 degrees below normal for the afternoon. Highs will only hit the low to mid 60s with a few low 70s in Central Washington. Father’s Day/Juneteenth on Sunday looks drier, but a few isolated afternoon storms will show up and may give you more rain if you’re unlucky enough to see one. Our rain chances don’t really start to drop significantly until Monday, so keep on keeping an eye on the sky as you go about your weekend.
7 Day Saturday