West Valley Outdoor Learning Center bringing back live virtual lessons, drive-by zoo

SPOKANE, Wash. — With West Valley students returning to virtual learning this school year, the West Valley Outdoor Learning Center is back to help kids learn about nature and animals.

The Center will have opportunities this fall for students to see the animals there both virtually and at a safe distance.

Back in the spring, the West Valley Outdoor Learning Center hosted ‘Live on Fridays’ on its Facebook page to teach kids about different animals and answer questions.

The live lessons are making a return — students will be able to tune in and ask questions about different birds of prey, like hawks and owls.

They’ll also focus on ways volunteers care and enrich the lives of the animals there.

From reptiles to rodents, they plan to cover it all.

The education director, Jami Ostby-Marsh, says they’re a lot more prepared to provide a more thorough learning experience this time around.

“Because we know what teachers are going to be teaching more this fall, we can really kind of direct our learning and teaching at those science and standard curriculum they’re going to be meeting,” she said.

A drive-by zoo event planned for next month is the only way families will get to see these animals in-person.

The Outdoor Learning Center is offering tickets now for you to secure a slot, so you can see them from the safety of your car.

“We’ll have a couple of activities out too,” said Ostby-Marsh. “We’ll kind of be staged along so you can spend a few minutes at each animal station and just ask as many questions as people want.”

The event will be from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 10.

The Outdoor Learning Center is also accepting requests from area teachers who may want to feature them for a virtual science lesson.

And if you’re 16 and older, you can spend time with the animals each week as a volunteer.

You can email Jami at jami.ostby-marsh@wvsd.org.

For more information on the West Valley Outdoor Learning Center and to contact them, see their Facebook page.