‘We’re not sick, we’re going skiing’: Families hit the slopes to make memories during pandemic

SPOKANE, Wash.– Families across the Inland Northwest took to the slopes Friday as a little way to escape the way COVID has affected their everyday lives.

Skiers and snowboarders at Mount Spokane said the mountain was its own little world. It’s a place where they can make memories and spend time with their loved ones.

Jenny Zhang was one of those people. She said her husband is a physician who had the day off. They were there watching her boys hit the slopes and teaching her 2-year-old how to ski.

“So when daddy gets a day off, it’s rare, so we take advantage,” Zhang said. “I called the school. We’re not sick, we’re going skiing.”

For some people, it’s a Friday tradition. But for Zhang and her family, it was a welcome break.

“It’s so stressful right now, but he’s doing well and it’s days like this that help get us by,” Zhang said.

Even for Miriam Jimenez-Rocha, who’s learning how to snowboard for the first time, this is what she needed.

“My sister’s fiancé had a lot of hobbies,” she said. “And he asked us if we wanted to come up here. Since we haven’t experienced this kind of stuff we agreed.”

A college student, she moved to Spokane in September but getting the most out of her experiences have been difficult because of the pandemic.

“I feel like the past year we’ve been trapped and we haven’t been able to really do anything,” Jiminez-Rocha said. “So, it just feels nice to get out again and try something new.”

Even though Fridays aren’t as busy as the weekends, many people were out at Mount Spokane to get away for a little bit. Mt. Spokane is open until 9 p.m. and will be open through the weekend.