‘We’re here to serve’; Providence addresses claim that Spokane takes N. Idaho’s COVID patients

Sacred Heart Medical Center
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SPOKANE, Wash. — Providence issued a response to Gov. Inslee’s claim that Spokane-area hospitals are being filled by North Idaho’s COVID-19 patients.

While fielding questions during Sunday’s press conference announcing the new statewide restrictions, Inslee commented that Spokane is dealing with a two-front COVID problem—the county’s own surge in cases, as well as North Idaho’s straining healthcare system that has forced them to start sending patients across the border.

Providence issued the following statement:

Providence works alongside our health care partners in the region, including Idaho hospitals, to ensure that patients have access to care. Patients often cross state lines for health care, depending on the illness and what type of care is needed. Now more than ever, we are working together to find solutions as patient volumes are high everywhere. We’re here to serve the community, and if we have capacity, we do help neighboring hospitals.

The health care company did not dispute the claims that they are taking Kootenai County’s COVID patients. While North Idaho providers like Kootenai Health are near-capacity, Spokane’s hospitals are hovering around 60–65-percent capacity.

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