‘We’re here to help’: Northeast Youth Center responds to thief who stole gas from cars

SPOKANE, Wash. — When workers at the Northeast Youth Center found a large hole cut through their chain link fence last Thursday, it was only the beginning. 

“Found that two of the vehicles had the gas line cut,” said Executive Director Kate Green. 

Green says thieves disabled the only two vans they have to drive kids around, all for a few gallons of gas. 

“I feel like it’s stealing from the kids and we’re already helping less fortunate kids so it was just really shocking and sad,” said Green. 

Especially right now, when all staff want to focus on is caring for the children that need them most. 

“We’re open for essential workers that need childcare,” said Green. “We have room for as many families that need our help.” 

When Green posted the photos on Facebook, she had no idea what would happen next. 

“A gentleman, Tim Burke, just from North Spokane out North, he drove in and got the two vehicles fixed and ready to go,” said Green. 

The retired mechanic fixed the vans the same day. Green says they’re being stored off site for now, since the fence is still not secure. 

She wants the thief to realize something. 

“We’re here to help,” said Green. “We’d much rather give you $20 in gas other than the added costs of everything associated and getting this repaired and fixed.”

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