‘We’re doing better than any other state’: Gov. Little promises more tax relief and investments in education

HAYDEN, Idaho — More tax relief and investments in education. Those are just some of many promises Idaho Gov. Brad Little made at Wednesday’s press conference in Hayden.

“We’re doing better than literally any other state,” said Little.

Idaho’s economy is doing better than ever before. Little said state revenue figures in May came in at $580 million more than they projected.

“This is a record month by every measurement,” he said. “We anticipate ending the fiscal year, which will be the end of this month, with $800 million.”

But where will all of that money go? Little said there are a few key areas they plan on investing in.

“Given how solvent our state budget is we’re in really good shape,” he said.

The state is in such good shape, Little is promising Idahoans what he describes as “the biggest tax relief package ever.”

“We’re just giving the taxpayer back about 9% of what they paid back in 2019,” Little said.

That’s not all. Little has also been focusing on transportation. With the increases in their budget, they’ll be able to dedicate about $80 million a year to different projects around the state.

“We think we can do, depending on interest rates, somewhere north of $1.5 billion of new projects,” said Little.

Those aren’t the only projects he’s focused on. His top priority – funding education. This year there was a 12% increase in education spending.

“Next year is just a little bit below 30%,” Little said.