Wenatchee Valley Humane Society caring for dog shot in the head, investigating animal cruelty case

Cane is his name, he’s a Pit Bull/Terrier mix and though in much better shape being cared for by the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society and a local vet now, he’s still struggling after his ordeal.

Last week the poor pup was found by a good Samaritan alongside the road, seemingly left to die. After X-Rays were taken it was determined he had been shot in the head, neck and shoulder, with what appeared to be hollow point rounds from a small caliber pistol.

Fortunately, the Executive Director of the WVHS, Dawn Davies says the bullets didn’t hit any major organs, or penetrate the skull. In fact, they remain in the pooch subcutaneously, as he has not had the strength or been stable enough to go into surgery.

Because of blood loss after being shot, Cane needed a blood transfusion and has remained on pain medications the last week. In addition to his gunshot wounds, he also has a torn ACL.

Davies says its likely from when he struggled to get away from whatever happened to him, but that isn’t confirmed.

Cane remains in emergency care, and is improving slowly. There is no date yet set for his surgeries.

His care will likely run well over ten thousand dollars.

The WVHS is currently investigating this as an animal cruelty case, potentially a felony one they say and are looking for any additional information that anyone might have.

When through his surgeries, he will likely be placed with a medical foster family, and will not be up for adoption until the investigation is complete.

The group is also seeking donations to help care for Cane. For more information click here.

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