Welcome home, Sprite! Ox returns to local farm following fire damage

CHENEY, Wash. — In August, Sullivan Family Farms took a deep hit.

The Williams Lake Fire caused them to lose significant amounts of hay and timber. They also saw damage to their irrigation system.

But the biggest hit of all was to their ox Sprite, who is the heart of their farm. Sprite faced serious injuries from his burns, leaving his owner unsure whether he was even going to survive.

On Saturday, he made his triumphant return to the farm.

“We were thankful that he didn’t perish,” Louise Sullivan of Sullivan Family Farms said.

Sprite’s injuries required him to take 66 pills a day to treat his burns. Sullivan said they were worried about if he would be able to heal.

Thankfully, he did. On Saturday. he came down from the barn for the first time since the fire.

To celebrate his return, people visited the farm to give him a warm welcome back. People were also able to see how far along the farm has come since the fire.

“Honestly, just seeing how much the farm has rebounded and all the work that Sullivan has been doing to just keep everything flowing and bounce back,” Zachary Hawley from The Cow Path, a shop at the farmstand, said.

Lousie said she’s thankful for her community for sticking with them through Sprite’s healing journey.

“Just so many people have been watching his journey and [are] able to celebrate with us, but that was a big part of our fire recovery process, and we’re excited to be able to just say thank you to Spokane, the Cheney community [and] the West Plains community for supporting us as we and our neighbors recover from the devastation of the fire,” Sullivan said.

The farm is still trying to repair its drip irrigation system and its pasture which were also damaged in the fire.

There is still work to be done on the farm, especially as winter approaches. But Louise says she’s glad knowing Sprite is going to be OK.

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