Weeds along median have some questioning Stormwater Control Project

Weeds along median have some questioning Stormwater Control Project

The Stormwater Control Project is helping to protect the little Spokane River from pollution, but property owners along Country Homes Boulevard said the new vegetation needs some work.

Parts of the median project look great, but the newer section was hydroseeded with a product that contained a lot of weeds.

Suzy Donovan likes a tidy, well-kept yard and takes care of it herself. But just across County Homes Boulevard, a bumper crop of weeds has her wondering who is supposed to be maintaining the median.

“To me it looks like it’s terribly overgrown and my other concern is that it looks like it’s all just weeds that are growing and therefore they are going to be coming over into my yard,” said Donovan.

Other parts of the median are planted with shrubs and grasses intended to absorb pollution when rain and snow melt drain off the boulevard.

So Bobby Rockefeller wonders why his neighbors got stuck with weeds.

“I’m concerned basically by the way it looks. As if they planted a bunch of weed seeds instead of it having been landscaped,” Rockefeller said.

And while almost all of the new trees seem to be thriving, giving Country Homes a park-like look, this species of grass doesn’t like the median and a lot of it has died off.

“That’s the other thing too,” said Rockefeller. “Is it supposed to be maintained or is it not? If there is maintenance, we haven’t seen it yet.”

Spokane County Project and Public Works Officials said they are very sorry about the weed growth. They plan to be spraying a herbicide before the end of the week.

They also have a new contract with Haase Landscaping, and that outfit is going to clean up the median and do some pruning as soon as the sap in the trees stops flowing later this fall.