Wednesday’s Child: Xavier

Xavier is about to turn 14 and has been a ward of the state for about 10 of those years. 

One of his favorite places to go is Spark Central in Kendall Yards. It’s a space where everyone can flex their creative minds. 

Xavier is comfortable at the keyboard, creating how own world. When we met him, he was creating one scattered with zombies. 

“I also put up a Ukraine flag. I don’t know why, I just wanted to do that,” he said. 

Technology is a big deal to Xavier. He loves computers, creating his own musing, cars and sustainability. 

“I like doing mechanical stuff, like cars and like technology,” he said. “I’m interested in the environment.” 

Xavier’s goal is to create a company that makes electric cars in the most environmentally-friendly way. 

He is fascinated with all kinds of cars; cars of today, but he appreciates the classics, too. If he’s riding in the car with you, he’d like to be in charge of the tunes. 

Choices are something a lot of kids in foster care don’t get much of. All kinds of adults are making choices about them with little to no input from them. 

Robyn Nance asked Xavier what he wants. If he got to choose a family to be adopted into, there are a number of important qualities at the top of his list. 

“I like people who share my interests and they like to try out new things,” he said. 

Xavier wants to learn to cook, especially his favorite dish: lasagna. He says one-on-one time with his new parents and siblings would be okay, but no more than five, please. 

Above all else, he wants his family to be caring and loving. 

“That’s the most important thing,” Xavier said. 

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