Wednesday’s Child: Skylar

Wednesday’s Child: Skylar

One look at Skylar and you’d be able to tell that he’s a typical 12-year-old boy.

“I like pizza, I like eating, I like to watch TV,” Skylar tells kxly4’s Robyn Nance. “Another thing I like to do, just relaxing.”

He also likes being on the move and spending time outdoors. Skylar also enjoys playing football and attending school.

“My favorite things are math, recess, science, geography, I like all that stuff,” he says. “I just like school in general.”

One of Skylar’s other interests in the supernatural.

“I really believe in that stuff.”

He likes watching ghost-hunting shows and scary movies, but there are two things that frighten him.

“I hate clowns, no clowns, clowns creep me out,” Skylar said. “And if I see a spider, uh, (it) freaks me out. I hate spiders.”

However, Skylar is not freaking out by the thought of being adopted. In fact, it’s something he desperately wants.

“I’d like some support, and no one has given that to me,” he said.

He’d love the support of a mom and dad or a single parent, and would love some kind of pet. Skylar isn’t asking for a lot from his adoptive family, but just one thing.

“To love me as best as they can.”

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