Wednesday’s Child: Shelby

There is so much work to be done on the farm, but Shelby isn’t afraid of any of it.

“I would be here every day helping out,” she said. “I just love it so much!”

We’re at the 2nd Chance Ranch in Spokane Valley, an animal rescue with more than 20 different types of animals. Each of the animals has their own story, and a reason to be there.

To Joy, who runs this place, and to 14-year-old Shelby, those stories are just more reasons to care for each animal.

Shelby has spent some time on a farm. You can see that she is incredibly comfortable around the animals, and deals with them with ease.

“I like cows, horses, all sorts of animals,” said Shelby. “I want to be with elderly also…my most passion right now is I want to be on the farm.”

Shelby, of course, would love to be adopted into a farming family, or at least a family who would make sure she has connections to helping on a farm. But bottom line, she really wants a family to take care of her.

“I really want a family, a parent,” she said. “One parent that will help me and take care of me, even if it’s two, that’s fine.”

She’s fine with other kids, or being an only child.

In the face of adversity, Shelby says she keeps her chin up and her attitude bright.

“Nothing will stop me and nothing will bring me down,” she said.

To help her keep that up, she’d like an outgoing, calm family, who doesn’t yell. A family that will give this cowgirl lots of attention.

“I need love and support and care in my life,” she said.

If you’d like information about adopting Shelby, check out, or call (208) 488-8989.