Wednesday’s Child: Matt

Wednesday’s Child: Matt

It was against my better judgment to climb on the Corkscrew with Matt and his friend, but it was actually really fun. It’s also amazing hanging out with Matt, he’s a kick!

He’s 14, and in the middle of his eighth grade year. Just like he took on the panic plunge, he’s ready to tackle anything thrown his way.

Matt’s favorite things include video games, hanging out with friends, and BMX bikes.

School’s okay for Matt. He says he’s good at math, but he’s even better in the role of class clown.

He’d love to turn it into a profession.

“At school I like to make people laugh,” said Matt. “I’ve learned to do it at the right moments and not the wrong moments.”

At least he’s learning from his mistakes. What isn’t his mistake or fault, is that Matt ended up in foster care. There are a few things he’d like his peers to understand about it.

“It’s really hard to get over things that your parents did, and everything like that,” said Matt.

It’s something many other 14-year-olds just can’t comprehend.

“It’s hard to make new friends, get used to new foster families, if you ever get moved,” Matt said.

The hope is that Matt’s next move will be his last, that he’ll be adopted into a family.

A family who will commit to him, completely, giving him the structure, stability, and love he needs.

Matt’s new family will be in for a great ride.

For more information on adopting Matt, call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.