Wednesday’s Child: Kyrie

Colorful and curious are two words to describe this week’s Wednesday’s Child.

11-year-old Kyrie is a girl scout who considers herself to be artsy.

At Young Art, an artist chooses the picture she’d like to create, then a helper sets it up.

Kyrie wanted to make a purple polar bear with a pink background, because those are her favorite colors.

Some of Kyrie’s other favorite things include the outdoors, swimming, and animals, including horses and cats.

“I love art and eating sugary foods and earning prizes and doing game races and playing games,” she said.

Having some control is important to Kyrie. So many things that have happened in her life have been out of her control.

Now, she’s ready to regain it, go outside the lines, and be part of a family. A family with a female figure head.

“I want a primary mommy and just a regular dad,” she said.

And the whole family needs to be committed to Kyrie and her needs.

The home environment should be structured yet patients, gentle and fun.

If you’d like information about adopting, you can call Northwest Adoption Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.