Wednesday’s Child: Jonathan

SPOKANE, Wash. — Jonathan was featured as a Wednesday’s Child two years ago. He has been growing up in foster care and wants more than ever to be adopted. 

The first time we met him was at Triple Play in the fall of 2019. Back then, he said he wasn’t very active. 

Now, he has taken up snowboarding and says it’s his favorite thing to do. 

Like most other 14-year-olds, Jonathan isn’t a huge fan of school but is a fan of hanging out with friends. He is also looking forward to Halloween. 

“I’m gonna be like, somebody from the purge,” he told Robyn Nance. 

Jonathan and Robyn also talked about upcoming holidays. When he thinks of Thanksgiving, he only has one thing he is really thankful for. 

“Staying in contact with my grandma,” he said. 

Jonathan is close with his grandma, but she is not able to take care of him full-time. He needs an adoptive family who will help him stay connected with her and provide much-needed support. 

Jonathan also has goals and plans for his future. He hopes to go into welding and hopes that the future brings him a family who will give him the love he deserves.