Wednesday’s Child: J

It was at Triple Play in Hayden where the surprises just kept coming with Jamareon! He goes by J, and wants you to look at him like a box of chocolates.

“One of them has a fudgy center, or the other has a a milky center or something like that,” said J. “You know, you don’t know what is in the middle. You got to get past the hard outside to get to the gooey center, I guess.”

Inside J is something mighty sweet!

“If I find a family I actually really like – some might say it happens a little too soon – but I immediately start wanting to be around them and loving them and caring for them,” said J.

J as so much to offer a family: loyalty and love, heart and humor.

“I can show people a lot of bad dance moves,” J says.

J likes card games and plays Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon. He wasn’t a fan at first, until his friends got him involved and his competitive nature took over.

“I try to build decks to beat them,” said J. “Usually I’m the one that wins. I like making it so opponents can’t beat me. That’s just me.”

He’d rather be on the move playing basketball or football, however!

J would love a family to take him to games and who would be his biggest fans in the stands.

“That’s something I’ve wanted since I was 3,” says J. “A family that actually loves and cares for me.”

He wants it more than anything but is afraid to get his hopes up.

“You hope for the best but expect the worst,” says J.

Jamareon knows that it might be scary for some people to think about adopting a teenager, but deep down he believes his family is out there, they just might not know it yet.

“To love a kid, you got to do a lot of soul searching.”

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