Wednesday’s Child: Interested in adoption?

Wednesday’s Child: Interested in adoption?

Every week on kxly4 news, we bring you the story of a child in foster care who needs an adoptive family.

This week’s Wednesday’s Child is for all of you who have ever thought about adopting or fostering.

There are 438,000 kids in foster care right now. If you’ve wondered what you could do for these kids and how to get involved, an event this upcoming weekend may have the answers,

Ron Hauenstein is the president of Spokane’s Fatherhood Initiative. The group is hosting the ‘Wait No More’ conference on Saturday in Spokane Valley at the Assembly Church.

“It’s a four-hour event from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.,” said Hauenstein. “There’s no admission charge, and we’ll provide lunch.

“The morning will be kind of an overview and an inspirational opportunity. You can learn about the basics of foster care and adoptions and hear from families who’ve done it. In the afternoon, we’ll have some breakout sessions.”

It’s a focus on the family-backed event for people in Washington and Idaho, aimed at answering questions you may have about adoption, fostering, or just supporting. Both states are desperate for families to step up.

“That’s a tremendous emotional weight – if you will – a burden on these children that just reinforces that notion that (they’re) not wanted, (they’re) rejected, (they’re abandoned), there’s no place for (them),” said Hauenstein.

He’s confident the community will turn out and step up to help these children waiting for families.