Wednesday’s Child: Imani

SPOKANE, Wash. — This week’s Wednesday’s child loves the outdoors and taking car rides with her favorite people. 

When Imani is given the choice, she wants to be on a swing. 

“She is very active. She likes to be outside and play, she’s very independent in the sense she likes to play by herself,” said Jozet Fowler. 

Fowler is a child development trainer at the home where Imani lives in Spokane. They know each other well. 

“She’s very spunky. Honestly, she has quite the personality. It’s hard to describe it. She’s a character,” Fowler said. 

Imani attends school and when she met 4 News Now anchor Robyn Nance, she was working toward going to full days. 

Fowler and her staff work with Imani on communication, following directions and taking care of herself. 

“She knows exactly what you’re telling her, exactly what you’re asking her to do. She is very smart,” Fowler said. “She can get herself dressed, get herself undressed, she puts her shoes on, she grabs her socks. She lets you know she wants to go outside by pointing. Just because she doesn’t talk doesn’t mean she can’t tell you what she wants.” 

Imani loves to get her hair done and likes riding in the car, listening to music. 

Fowler believes a loving, stable and active family would be really good for Imani, and that she would be good for them. 

“She is such a love bug once she gets familiar with you and all she wants to do is just cuddle and be with you all the time,” Fowler said. “Once she gets that bond with you, it’s there. Like, you’re her person, you’re her people. She knows that she’s safe with you.” 

If you are interested in learning more about adopting Imani, call the Northwest Adoption Exchange at 800-927-9411.