Wednesday’s Child: Georgia

Wednesday's Child: Georgia
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COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho. – Did you know that fewer than two percent of the world’s population has red hair? 

This week’s Wednesday’s Child is one of those rare individuals and her personality is as unique as her hair color. 

Robyn Nance met Georgia at Hard to Art in Coeur d’Alene. Art is one of her favorite things and she got creative right away. 

Besides art, Georgia likes just having fun – having snowball fights in the winter, water balloon fights in the summer and play lots of games, which she’d like to do with a family. 

“Play games, play tag, play hide and seek or help me cook. Help me take care of the household,” she said. “I want a loving family. I want a family with at least two other kids. One younger and one older, so like a boy or a girl for the younger and a girl for the older.” 

Georgia is really good with younger children. She’s gentle and very kind. 

“I would describe myself as a loving, caring person,” she said. 

There is something Georgia wants her adoptive family to know: she’s a Type 1 diabetic. She tests her blood regularly and sometimes has to give herself insulin. 

“I give myself a shot. It doesn’t really hurt, unless you ask my stomach. My stomach will say ‘definitely,’” Georgia said. 

Her social worker says Georgia does a good job of regulating herself and keeping her condition in check. This is good because she has lots of other things to concentrate on like school, art and her future. 

She’s thinking about going to college when she’s older and wants to become a police officer. 

“I want to fight the bad,” she said. 

Georgia is also an animal lover but has a special appreciation for the animals you would see on a safari. 

“What I love about the African animals is that they all know how to survive on their own,” she said. 

She, too, is a survivor. 

If you are interested in adopting Georgia, you can call 800-745-1186.