Wednesday’s Child: Diamond

There is a saying, “Be like a diamond: precious and rare, not like a stone that is found everywhere.”

We met Diamond at Triple Play in Hayden.

She was ready to jump right in and try anything. It was so much fun!

“That was awesome!”

Diamond is 17 years old and likes trying new things.

She is a bit of a video gamer. She also likes to read and connect with others. She’s a good friend and a great listener.

“I love spending time with friends. I’m very smart and I put others before myself. I’m a very brave kid,” Diamon said.

Kids in foster care tend to be courageous. She’s survived the system for a couple of years. and is ready to settle in with a family. She’s looking for a home that will really get to know her.

“I look for, specifically, if they’re going to support me after I turn 18. And, will they continue to help me if I ask for it? Will they try to understand me and try to connect with me?”

The actual gems, diamonds, are formed under pressure. This diamond, in the future, wants to help others feel less pressure. She will use that energy to aim high.

“I want to be able to help others in a way that nobody ever has before 00:06:57 that’s a hard thing to do but 00:07:08 I’m somebody that doesn’t give up easily and do whatever it takes to reach my goals,” Diamond said.

If you’re interested in adopting Diamond, you should call Idaho’s Wednesday’s Child at 1-800-745-1186.

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