Wednesday’s Child: Benji finds his forever family

Wednesday’s Child: Benji finds his forever family

We’re often asked about our Wednesday’s Children, about what happens to them, and if they ever get adopted. Many times when families adopt, we’re told they just want to move forward. However, today’s Wednesday’s Child is a sweet success story we can share.

It’s been five years since we brought you Benji’s story. At the time Benji was just two, and he was in therapy to combat the effects of brain bleed, common in premature births. Becky Kiefer was his foster mom, and one of his therapists.

“He’s a miracle,” says Becky.

Benji is now seven, and while he still has a host of medical and developmental issues, now he has a forever family. Adopted by his foster mom, Becky.

“I agreed to take him and my friends thought I was insane,” said Becky. “He was a hard baby, and not a very happy baby, and now they say things like we’re so glad you didn’t listen to us!”

Becky saw Benji through years of hospital visits, therapy sessions, growth and development. She’s a single mom with an adopted daughter, but her family wasn’t complete without Benji.

“When they stay with you long enough they become part of your family, so it just made sense to make it official,”said Becky.

On January 29 th , friends and family packed a court room as Becky and Benji became an official family.

“I think he’s just where he’s supposed to be,” said Becky.