Wednesday’s Child: Ash

Growing up in foster care isn’t easy. With all the upheaval and trauma, sometimes kids just don’t get to be kids.

In fact, this week’s Wednesday’s Child, says she’s never been to a county fair or an amusement park, so we thought Silverwood was the perfect place to meet up.

Her given name is Melody, but she now goes by the name Ash.. and she couldn’t wait to try as many rides as possible.

Ash tries to enjoy life, even though sometimes it’s a challenge. She’s been in foster care for more than 7 years and is separated from her siblings.

Ash said “it does kinda hurt sometimes, but ya know, it’s just something you gotta cope with when you’re in care. some people aren’t gonna want you.”

Ash just turned 16, this month and told us “Statistics show most people don’t want teenagers.”

But, teenagers need and deserve families. They need support and stability and love.

“I just want somebody who understands and knows I am gonna go through things and I want somebody who accepts me for who I am and ya know, I have a few faults, or I have things I’m working on, ya know, like not giving up on me as soon as things get a little bit hard.” said Ash.

Sure, there will be hard times, that’s life. There will also be a lot of fun and adventure, and Ash is there for it all.

Ash said “most people say that I’m kind and caring and funny.. ya know, one of those people that you’re naturally attracted to.”

She likes to sing and swim, read, write and draw and is really into anime. Ash would love to find a family with similar interests who have open minds and hearts. “Someone caring, understanding, ya know.. someone who actually cares.”

That someone will have to hold on tight, because they are in for a fun ride. “Maybe one day I’ll get adopted… and have a good time while I am there and actually, feel loved for once.”

If you’re interested in adopting Ash, you can call the number for Idaho’s Wednesday’s Child (800) 745-1186.