Wednesday’s Child: Ally

Wednesday’s Child: Ally

14-year-old Ally is all about scoring tickets at Triple Play Family Fun Park.

The games she tackled, had to have a ticket payoff. And the more, the better.

Ally and I had a nice time, but she didn’t feel comfortable answering questions on camera. So we put her case worker, Jessica, in the spotlight.

“She can be very outgoing,” said Jessica. “But she takes a little bit of time to warm up to you.”

I found out that Ally is bright, good in school, and athletic.

“She’s very good at basketball. She likes to rollerblade, she sings very well, and she loves music and video games,” said Jessica.

Music is a really big deal to Ally. She is often seen with headphones and her MP3 player.

“Music is a huge part of her life,” Jessica said. “It helps her cope a lot.”

Another important thing in Ally’s life is church. She would love to be adopted into a Christian family that attends church. She’d also like that family to be bi-racial.

She wants someone who is willing to work with her through the good times and the bad. Patience is going to be a big thing.

Patience, and humor.

“She’s very funny. She needs a family with a sense of humor that tends to motivate her, a little bit too,” said Jessica. “She might shut down a little and then if you can be fun and playful with her, she might come out of her shell.”

Getting Ally out of her shell may be a challenge, but so worth it.

For more information about adopting Ally, call Northwest Exchange at 1-800-927-9411.