Wedding registry necessities

Wedding registry necessities

For guests at your wedding an important detail for the couple to provide is a wedding registry. While some couples might feel guilty registering for gifts – especially if they feel like they already have most of the necessities – it can be a helpful tool for guests who just don’t know what to get the newlyweds.

When registering for gifts, don’t forget these essentials:

China/dinnerware: You don’t have to ask for everything right now, but at least ask for the basics to get you started. And even if you and your spouse already have dishes, select a nice set together that you can have for holidays and special occasions throughout your lives.

Serving items: You need items to entertain dinner guests. Ask for serving platters, bowls and serving utensils.

Glassware: Select a nice set of glasses in varying sizes and shapes. You don’t need the most expensive glasses, just a set that is practical and can be used for both casual and formal dinners.

A cookbook: No one can ever have too many cookbooks. A way to personalize it is to also ask for family recipes from both spouses’ families so you can make traditional family meals together.

Cutlery: Every couple needs a nice set of cutlery. This can be an expensive item so assess your needs before you register. If you are a master chef, then you should ask for a high-end set. But if it’s just for every day, basic needs, then you can get by with a moderately priced set.

Pots, pans, baking sheets: Every couple needs basic kitchen items like pots, pans and baking ware. These are great items for wedding guests because they can buy as many or few of the cooking accessories as they want.

Bedding: Ask for some nice, quality bed sheets and pillow shams. Ask for a couple of sets in varying colors so you can use them down the line even after you get a new comforter.

Towels: One can never have too many towels. Upgrade your towel collection by asking for new towels on your registry. It’s practical and it’s an easy and affordable item for guests to purchase.

A couple of splurge items: Even if you don’t think you’ll use a nice crystal vase that often, it’s just something nice to have that reminds you of your wedding day. So while you’re busy selecting pots and pans and towels, also throw on a couple of keepsake items that you and your spouse can treasure forever.