Snow makes roads difficult to navigate

Snow makes roads difficult to navigate

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. - City plows have been working on the snow-covered streets all day, but roads are still difficult to navigate, especially in residential areas.

Half a foot of snow in 48 hours is making a mess of our roads. Bigelow Gulch Road was closed for about two hours Monday evening because a semi slid off the road and got stuck.

Spokane Public Schools canceled classes at 5 am, but it wasn't until two hours later The City of Spokane declared a Stage 1 snow event.

“We did have snow on the ground that we knew we had to deal with. So with what came, and it came a little bit more than what everyone though was going to come, and so that put us into the Stage 1,” Mark Serbousek, City of Spokane, said.

But with nearly 70 crashes in Eastern Washington between Sunday and Monday morning, many are wondering why the city waited so long to get those plows moving.

“Nobody was predicting to have six inches of snow out of this storm,” Serbousek said.

A Stage 2 snow event was declared around 10:30 Monday morning, initiating a full-city plow. Once crews make progress on the main roads, their attention will shift to residential streets. But that could take up to four days to complete.

This winter weather also created chaos at Meals on Wheels. Because of the snow, nine volunteers had to cancel. With almost 280 meals needing to be delivered to seniors, a pair of long-time volunteers stepped up.

“We were able to get out. We have a vehicle that works. I know the need out there is great,” Mary Murcar, Meals on Wheels volunteer, said.

“Seeing how sweet they all are and how wonderful they all are, it makes the food taste even better,” Theresa Press, who receives meals, said.

Even Blaze Pizza couldn't melt this snow. The restaurant closed early at 7 pm because of the weather.

If you need help shoveling your driveway or sidewalk, give your local Boy Scout troop a call to see if they can lend a hand.