‘We still have a long way to go’: Washington makes progress toward goal of administering 45K vaccine doses a day

SPOKANE, Wash. — Washington is more than a month into vaccine distribution, and, slowly but surely, the state is making progress.

The Department of Health set a goal of 45,000 vaccine doses administered each day. Currently, the state’s seven-day rolling average is nearly 24,000 doses. That is a significant jump compared to the 16,000 daily doses administered at the beginning of the month. The latest numbers mark an 8,000 increase in the average number of COVID-19 vaccines being administered across the state every day.

As of Monday, providers across Washington have officially given out 500,000 doses total. That is 57.4 percent of the doses provided to the state by the federal government. In Spokane County, more than 34,000 vaccines have been administered.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee credited the progress the state has made to efforts to expand distribution and infrastructure. However, Inslee said “we still have a long way to go.”

“If Washingtonians have proven anything throughout this pandemic, it is that we are up to the task,” Inslee said. “We have taken action, and we will continue to improve until we meet and exceed our goals.”

Starting this week, medics with the Washington National Guard will be stationed at the four mass vaccination sites across the state is assist in administering the vaccine. Personnel will also be at the sites to help the Department of Health with logistics and any administration needs.


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