‘We know people are suffering’: Local volunteers help people experiencing homelessness to battle heatwave

SPOKANE, Wash.– As the scorching heat wave continues this weekend, many people who are vulnerable to this extreme heat struggle to stay cool.

Volunteers from a local church went to help those people battle the heat wave this weekend, providing water and food.

“We know that it’s hot. We know people are suffering. It’s not a good thing,” said Bill Taylor, Homeless Ministry Director at Sandpoint Adventist Church. “They had to be very hot in those tents and those campers. I don’t think there’s any electricity over there. They have no way to cool off.”

Taylor says it’s not just water and lunches that they bring to them.

“Other things like flashlights…we have some light medications like Aspirin and Tylenol, we have towels, we have reading glasses,” Taylor said.

Helen Klemp, who is experiencing homelessness near Camp Hope, says the water shortage is a major concern every day.

“They are just showing up, makes a lot easier for us to survive,” Klemp said. “On a daily basis, we normally struggle to find water, food, provisions, shoes. Half of us have to go out and figure out how to get money for all that stuff.”

Taylor says they might volunteer more than once a month to help as many vulnerable people in heat waves as they can.

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