‘We have not seen any evidence of this’: Moses Lake PD addresses rumors about out of town agitators

Moses Lake Protests
Credit: iFiberOne

MOSES LAKE, Wash. — The Moses Lake Police Department addressed online rumors about outside agitators in a Facebook post Tuesday.

The police department said it has seen social media rumors about upcoming protests and busloads of people flocking to Moses Lake from out of town, complete with stockpiles of bricks to throw through windows.

“At this point, we have not seen any evidence of this, and have not been able to verify any of the rumors that we have investigated,” the department said. “To clarify, we are not saying nothing will happen (and we are prepared if it does), only that to date, we have no evidence of busloads of rioters showing up in town.”

MLPD said there have been local people peacefully protesting around town for the past few days. They also have been in contact with people organizing another march for Sunday.

“They have advertised it as a peaceful protest and we are working with them to have a security plan in place,” MLPD said.

The department also said armed people have been downtown providing security for businesses. MLPD said these people have also been peaceful in their actions and are from Moses Lake.