‘We have no affiliation with these individuals’: Owners of the Globe issue statement after armed group gathers in their parking lot

Bar owners respond to downtown Spokane shooting
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A shooting outside of the Globe has some worried; a shooter is not yet in custody. 

SPOKANE, Wash. — The owners of the Globe Bar and Kitchen released a statement Monday after armed men gathered in their parking lot during recent Black Lives Matter protests.

In a Facebook post, the owners said they have reported the group’s presence to local law enforcement two weekends in a row.

“They have come in response to the powerful, peaceful protests that have taken place in downtown Spokane. Video footage reveals their malicious intent to agitate, disrupt and intimidate. We have no affiliation with these individuals nor do we condone their activities,” they said in the post.

On Sunday, a group of armed people told 4 News Now they were there to “protect people protesting.”

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They are now asking any with information about the group to contact local law enforcement.

“We will continue to work with our building owner, the private property owners, towing company, and local law enforcement in our efforts to prevent their organizing. We will not tolerate discrimination,” they said.

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