‘We have been watching you for 8 months’: Scammers leaving creepy voicemails

We all know how annoying it is to answer the phone, only to hear a recorded voice on the other end trying to sell a product or scam us out of money.

One robocall is going a step further, and it’s making people uncomfortable.

Kelly Alexander didn’t think much about a missed call from New York Monday morning. Then, she checked her voicemail.

The message said in part:

“We have been watching you for about 8 months. We know a sex scandal won’t be the best thing for you or your career right now, or would it? We think we can make you a porn superstar. Since we already know your daily routine, why not give us a chance so we can let you know what we want from you and why we hacked your cell phone to spy on you?”

“It asked me to go to a website, which sounded like a bank website, and I had to do that within 10 minutes or else,” Alexander said. She wasn’t fooled.

“I obviously knew it wasn’t anything to be worried about just because I’m familiar with the scam calls.”

4 News Now looked into the number that called — it belongs to a real bank in New York. Another woman posted on Facebook saying she received the same message. That number traced back to a bank in New Jersey.

It’s a classic example of call spoofing. Scammers use a program and can call any number — disguised as any number. Sometimes, even your own area code.

“I just wish they would stop and this could be tracked better because I think it is criminal,” Alexander said.

The FBI issued a warning about call spoofing last week. Scammers used the real number for the agency’s Denver office to trick and intimidate victims. The Better Business Bureau says you should always be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls, especially if someone is demanding money.